The History of Langsford in Stawell

Explore the History and Story behind Langsford in Stawell

Built in 1907, Langsford is a grand old building in the Federation Style. Located in the centre of Stawell on the corner of Main and Wimmera Streets, showing off its elaborate historic and architectural features.

Built by W.E. Kernot, a local Chemist, as a chemist shop and residence,  and sold three years later to W.C. Langsford who had been an employee for many years.  Mr. Langsford operated the chemist shop until 1929 and then sold the building to the Commercial Bank of Australia, relocating the Chemist business further up Main Street.  The bank was absorbed by Westpac in 1984 and the building sold shortly after. 

There have been various owners and tenants over the ensuing years and in 2014 I bought the building and started a full and comprehensive restoration, bringing this imposing, historical and significant landmark back to life.

I am a furniture designer with many and varied interests one of which is American cars from the 50s and 60s.  Through this interest I met locals Jim and Karen Leithhead.  I made a short trip to Stawell in 2013 where I discovered this beautiful building and decided to buy it.

What started as a business decision turned into a labour of love.  I developed a passion for the incredible detail builders used in the Federation era as well as being impressed with the quality of their workmanship and the precise nature of the construction.  I realised very early in this project that it was imperative to restore the building making sure none of the original concepts were damaged.  

It was an interesting journey which involved many hours of research as well as many nights burning the midnight oil on the internet to source the correct materials, tradesmen and manufacturers who would be equal to this gargantuan task.

Six years in the making, the building is now complete, shining from every angle. Featuring spacious interiors, high elaborate ceilings and the recreated awning verandah “removed in the 1930’s” precisely as it was in 1907. Standing proud as a significant landmark in Stawell.

Over the years I have become totally involved in life and community interests here, I am now a councillor in the Northern Grampians Shire Council.  

There is a commercial tenancy on the ground floor  and a grand two-bedroom apartment on the upper floor, I call this the Napoléon Suite.  There is also a luxurious one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor known as the Garden Suite. Both of the apartments are luxurious, spacious, air conditioned and have modern bathrooms and compact kitchens. I live in another apartment at the rear of the upper floor that overlooks the lush garden.

Close inspection of Langsford, Stawell accommodation,  will show unrivalled quality and detail in every part of the building as well as the furniture, artwork and fittings where no expense has been spared.


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